Investiture & Clash of the Colors

In the 2000s, a change in the academic schedule was adopted, deferring final exams for underclassmen until after Commencement. This change allows underclassmen to celebrate with their senior friends before exam week. Two events were also added to the schedule to raise students’ spirits and celebrate the status of rising sophomores, juniors and seniors.

  • Investiture is a formal meeting attended by the entire school, with the exception of the seniors who have graduated. The student leaders for the coming school year are announced, including prefects, tour guides and resident advisors, and other changes, including faculty responsibilities and titles, are announced. 

  • Clash of the Colors is a far less formal event, in which each of the rising classes forms a team and competes in a series of outdoor games and contests. Teams dress in their class color (and may even paint their faces) and enjoy a day of friendly competition, school spirit and camaraderie.