The Frederick Gunn School values individuals and their ideas. Our students join generations of alumni before them who have learned to be curious, to question, to debate, reflect, and share what they know.

Small classes are the norm, with a student-teacher ratio of 6:1, which means that each student’s contributions are expected and welcomed. A comprehensive curriculum, with more than 100 courses to choose from (including honors, independent study and 19 APs), helps our students to  master different subjects and become confident articulating their ideas in spoken and written forms.

Our teachers are passionate about their subject matter and love what they do. Our students get to know them as their instructors, advisors, mentors, role models, coaches, and dorm parents. Their guidance and encouragement help students reach beyond their expectations and preconceived notions. Each FGS student receives the guidance, attention, and support of a team of talented faculty members dedicated to their academic and personal success.

The goals of our rigorous academic program are:

  • to develop in our students a life learning and leadership skills they need to be active and responsible citizens, both locally and globally

  • to prepare our students for what’s next as they continue to learn and grow, in college and in life

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