Academic Excellence

Developing Lifelong Learners

A good person is always learning.

School Motto

Our school motto is, "A good person is always learning." It is in that tradition that we provide our students with the self-knowledge, skills, and confidence required to become lifelong learners. 

Our rigorous curriculum offers something for every student, from AP and honors courses to Independent Study Projects. Our newest and youngest students begin their journey on the right path with the coordinated support of our Freshman Program, which helps students transition to life in an independent school. Supplemental support is available through our Center for Academic Excellence to help students meet and even exceed academic expectations. All students receive valuable feedback from their teachers through our Academic Merit system to help track their progress in five areas we believe are the foundations of lifelong learning.

A Frederick Gunn School graduate is:

  • Someone who has learned how to learn and is willing and able to problem-solve, create and improvise in the face of uncertainty

  • Someone who has developed a healthy sense of competition and self, who lives for purposes greater than their own self-gratification, and who practices gratitude

  • Someone who is a curious, lifelong learner

  • Someone who is a creator and maker instead of a consumer

  • Someone who knows how to practice the wise use of technology

  • Someone who practices a growth mindset in all areas of their lives

  • Someone who embodies the characteristics of Mr. Gunn –  resilient, gritty, with proper confidence and healthy appetite for thoughtful risk