Freshman Program

The Frederick Gunn School’s Freshman Program intentionally guides students’ transition to life in an independent school by nurturing personal and academic habits and skills, all of which are designed to ensure a successful experience at FGS.

Faculty who teach freshmen across our academic disciplines together with the Freshman Class Dean meet as the Freshman Team to plan and fine-tune the curriculum and monitor students’ progress. It’s a coordinated approach that includes support from dorm parents, advisors, the school’s counselor, the Center for Academic Excellence, our Director of the Outdoor Program and our international student coordinator. 

The team’s purpose is to provide these young students with experiences that encourage growth and consistency and take into account the need for more sleep, the support of a buddy in new situations (such as being in an advisory group), opportunities for more frequent physical activity and social interaction, the safety of predictable routines in the dorm and classroom, and dependable rules with consistent adult reinforcement.