Learning Support

At The Frederick Gunn School, we are always learning.

Our academic program is rigorous and can also be personalized with learning support. For some students, this additional support is the key to unlocking their ability to find academic success within our college preparatory curriculum.

At GUNN, we meet students where they are, but we don’t let them stay there.

Centrally located on campus in a beautiful, light-filled space, our learning center offers supplemental coaching for an additional fee. Our learning specialists work one-on-one with students, equipping them with the study skills, strategies and techniques they need to become efficient, effective and independent learners. Integrated learning sessions run 40 minutes and targeted strategy sessions for executive functioning run 20 minutes. Both are integrated into the academic day, much like a class.

Personalized Coaching

  • Subject-specific support: individualized, subject-specific coaching combined with skills building such as strategic reading skills, note taking skills or methods to complete multi-step problems

  • Executive functioning and self-management skills: 20-minute targeted strategy sessions focused on active study skills, time management, organization, and task completion/planning 

  • Study skills: 20-minute targeted strategy sessions that can be scheduled with a learning specialist throughout the week

  • Standardized testing accommodations: documentation of a disability, functional limitation, and a documented history of accommodations for test-taking in school are required by The College Board and ACT.


The decision of whether to enroll a student in our learning support program begins with the admissions process. Erin Brown and Katie Satkowski, Co-Directors of the Center for Academic Excellence, work closely with our Admissions Officers and the Academic Office to review your application. Before enrolling a student in learning support we consider:

  • Teacher recommendations

  • Student interview

  • Work samples

  • Student learning profile and educational testing results if available

Meet the Team

If you have questions about Learning Support, please reach out to cae@frederickgunn.org  for additional information. 


Erin Brown

Erin Brown

Co-Director of Learning Support