Student Progress Meetings

Three times each year, all of The Frederick Gunn School’s faculty advisors gather together as a community to review the progress of every student one at a time. Over the course of a full day, advisors discuss, in a very efficient and informed way, areas where each student is performing well, where he or she may be struggling, and what can be done to encourage every student to thrive in all aspects of school life – from the classroom to the playing field to the dormitory.

Our community of teachers, coaches, dorm parents and advisors work together to help ensure every student’s well-being and success. In the setting of the Student Progress Meeting, advisors talk about grades, socialization, conduct, the influence of peers, and the impact of screen time and sleep. Sometimes, the discussion centers on finding ways to further push a student who is otherwise experiencing academic success.

In addition to the three end-of-term meetings, Student Progress Meetings are held once at the start of each academic year, which serves as an initial checkpoint, and three times at the middle of each term, which provides an opportunity to focus on students’ immediate needs.

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1st page of Student Progress Article from Bulletin

We’ve always felt it’s important to talk as an entire community about our students together rather than rely on one person. These conversations allow us to see that a student who might be struggling in one area is actually thriving in another area. We connect all of these points, the sports and the co-curriculars, residential life and the classroom.

Seth LoW, Associate Head of SChool

We are looking to create a network of adults who are equipped with the information to support all of the students in the community in a way that is virtually impossible in larger schools.

Emily Gum, Assistant Head of School for Teaching and Learning