College Athletics

About 25% of our students pursue college athletics each year and each of our College Counselors are uniquely qualified to guide families through this process. The application process for an athlete can be different in important ways. Our College 
Counseling team and athletic coaches are here to help you weigh programmatic fit, eligibility assessments, communication strategies with college coaches, and other unique considerations that emerge in a student-athlete recruitment and application 
Our College Counselors and athletic coaches are here to help with:
  • Gathering recommendations for Division I, II, or III programs that best align with the athletic and academic interests of a student.
  • Adhering to NCAA recruitment policies, rules, and timelines.
  • Navigating the NCAA Eligibility Center and ensuring that you are meeting course requirements.
  • Understanding athletic-recruiting rubrics in conferences such as the Ivy League and NESCAC.
  • Crafting strategies for communicating with coaches.
  • Developing highlight video strategies.