Frederick Gunn believed in the value of camping so much that he took students on educational camping trips decades before it became common practice. His 42-mile, 10-day hike to Milford, Connecticut,
is recognized by the American Camp Association as the “First American Summer Camp.” 
We named our new outdoor education program after that trip, but it is a thoroughly modern experience.

Freshman Leadership Seminars

Gunn Outdoors guides every freshman class through rigorous and engaging class bonding activities that build self-awareness and group cohesion while preparing our students to be effective young leaders. We do this through high and low ropes course activities, outdoor adventures, and group bonding moments throughout the year that are built into Student Orientation, our Center for Citizenship and Just Democracy, and Freshman Activities curriculum.

Sophomore Camping Skills

During Sophomore Camping Skills, students gain technical camping experience they will need to complete their Junior Expedition. All sophomores will spend a weekend camping with 20-25 of their peers, where they learn the basics of camping, cooking, and thriving outdoors.

Junior Expedition

Juniors undertake a significant, 7 to 10-day expedition in the wilderness that will include a solo experience. Students will challenge themselves and test their leadership skills by backpacking, canoeing, or winter hiking in one of our beautiful local wilderness areas: the Catskills, Adirondacks, Appalachian Trail, Berkshires, or White Mountains. Students will emerge from their expedition more adaptable and resilient, better able to work as a team, and with a strong sense of community.

Senior Leadership

While there is no 42|10 requirement for seniors, interested students will have the opportunity to join our Leader-in-Training Program, which will give them the opportunity to join the Instructor Team on sophomore or junior trips.

In the 42/10 Program, we prepare students to succeed in life, using outdoor education as our guide; to teach students to be independent, self-aware members of an intentional community