Explore Your Big Idea

Step away from traditional classwork for two weeks and embrace a curriculum committed to intensive student learning. Each course is intentionally focused - consider it a knowledge-rich journey in a topic of unique interest to you. Connect with a favorite teacher, engage with motivated peers and take a deep dive into one big question - through this real-world application of what you learn in the classroom, you might just find your life's passion.

Frederick Gunn School students can choose from 20 Winterim course offerings. Several include opportunities to travel locally or regionally. All are designed by faculty, who in many instances pair up to co-teach and combine their expertise in respective disciplines.  

In many ways, i think the structure of winterim, the theory behind it, is what students will find in college. You're not getting graded on presentations or mini-assignments, just one big project.

kori rimany '14,
english department faculty

Find Your Passion

Winterim is modeled after short-term, mid-year programs offered at the college level. The new model has become a permanent part of the annual academic program, encouraging students to explore topics in the arts, history, literature, math, science and engineering as well as questions focused on citizenship, sustainability, the environment, globalization, race, gender, and identity.

2023 Winterim Course Guide