Postgraduate Year

Students choose The Frederick Gunn School for a postgraduate year for a variety of reasons. Some see it as an opportunity to mature socially, or to continue growing as a learner, by improving their study skills, enhancing their time management skills, and better preparing them for the college process. Some are seeking an additional year to develop their athletic skills to compete at the college level, while others want to try something new to add to their high school experience. Those coming from a larger school may be looking for a more intimate setting, while others may be seeking a more culturally-enriched environment. As an additional benefit, students experience living away from home for a year before heading off to college. 

The Frederick Gunn School is an ideal stepping stone for those seeking to achieve that next level of independence. We meet you wherever you are, providing structure and helping you to develop the skills and habits that will serve you well in college and beyond.

Seth Low, Associate Head of SChool

At The Frederick Gunn School, PGs will find a classic New England campus set on 220 acres in an area that is rich in culture and style, and surrounded by natural beauty. Our academic program emphasizes character development, independent thinking and active citizenship, and offers PGs an opportunity to pursue academic interests beyond the requirements they have already met. PGs have access to advanced-level courses, including rigorous AP and honors classes in every discipline, as well as creative and innovative spaces such as the IDEAS Lab, the Center for Citizenship and Just Democracy, and the Thomas S. Perakos Arts and Community Center. With courses in engineering, entrepreneurship, and Pre-Med, students can be bold and think harder, be curious, and be inspired. While our program is rigorous, it’s also personalized. Our community of teachers, coaches, dorm parents and advisors works together to help ensure every student’s well-being and success.

Postgraduate FAQs

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