We are excited that you are interested in learning more about The Frederick Gunn School. Our approach to education is informed by our connection to our founder, Frederick Gunn, who believed that strength of character is the goal of education. What that means for us today is that we graduate students who are well prepared for college and, more importantly, have a sense of their moral compass, which will guide them not only through college but in life, so that they become active, engaged citizens in their community. 

We value motivated, genuine, kind students and faculty who want to live, learn, play, compete, perform and challenge each other in a community that is safe, nurturing, stimulating and fun. Students thrive at FGS because they are known. They are able to develop the courage and confidence they need to take on challenging tasks, and if they fail, to learn and try again with the support and encouragement of faculty and their peers.

We are fortunate that Mr. Gunn chose to found his school in 1850 in Washington, Connecticut, one of the most beautiful settings in the country. Would he be surprised to return today and find the arts thriving in our gorgeous, new Arts and Community Center; freshmen feeling right at home in our Graham House (girls) and Teddy House (boys) dormitories; the tremendous growth of our engineering program in the IDEAS Lab; and students uncovering facets of our history in our Gunn Scholar Program? We would love for him – and you – to see it all.

Over the course of my 10 years at FGS, I’ve seen a wide variety of students succeed here, from top academic scholars, to motivated students in need of some academic support, to elite athletes, to concert-level musicians, to four members of my own family, each of whom is different and has found success and a second home here. As you search for the right school for you, remember there are a lot of things in boarding schools that are similar. Most of them have great athletic, artistic and academic offerings and all have a nice community, but each school does have its own soul and its own culture and the emotional connection that you can feel when you visit a school can and should be very important in your decision making. When I ask students why they chose FGS, a large number of them say, ‘It felt like home.’ We hope that you will choose to make The Frederick Gunn School your school, too.

For more information or to schedule your visit, please call the Admissions Office at (860) 868-7334, or email admissions@frederickgunn.org

Warmest Regards,
Alexandra V. Ince
Director of Enrollment