The Frederick Gunn School’s Music Program affords students at all ability levels and interests the opportunity to develop their knowledge, technique and skills.

Our students have multiple opportunities to present their work in both informal and formal concert settings as well as regional, state, and national platforms. Character development, life skills, collaboration and creativity all play a vital role in the experience of a student’s tenure in the music program.

Music is an important and unique vehicle for students to take risks, master technique, become inspirational leaders, showcase talent and develop crucial character traits and life skills; while at the same time holistically and authentically integrating the Arts into our community
Ron Castonguay - Director of the Arts, Music Director

Students may participate in Jazz Band, Vocal Ensemble and String Ensemble. All ensembles follow a regular class schedule and require a commitment to practicing outside of the classroom. Individual growth and progress are monitored closely, as the mastery of skills and the application of knowledge are paramount outcomes for our musicians. Our students are encouraged to pursue private music instruction, which are offered on campus by professional music adjuncts for all band, vocal, orchestral and keyboard instruments.

Performing Arts course listings and descriptions

Students in the Music Program perform in the winter and spring concerts, as well as a spring chamber concert, which are all attended by the entire school. External performances, including an overnight music trip to such destinations as Universal Studios, Orlando, are also exciting opportunities for our young musicians beyond the walls of our beautiful campus. In addition, Gunn students are eligible to audition for the Connecticut Music Educators Association’s (CMEA) Northern Regional Music Festival in January and the CMEA All-State Festival in April, as well as the National Association for Music Education’s All-National Honor Ensembles.

To further enhance their study of music, students have the option of enrolling in AP Music Theory as well as an adjunct-run extra-curricular Rock Band. Students who have a demonstrated interest in the Arts may propose to replace one term of interscholastic athletics in their first year with a non-athletic program or project. This could be equivalent to participating in two after-school Arts programs and one term of interscholastic athletics in their first year.