Strength & Conditioning

The Strength & Conditioning Coach at The Frederick Gunn School is committed to developing, implementing, coordinating, and supervising strength and conditioning programs for the Athletic Department and students participating in our interscholastic athletics program. The coach works with students individually and in teams to promote fitness as a life skill while helping students to progress in areas such as resistance training, cardiovascular, speed, plyometric, flexibility, and functional movement. The focus of the program is to enhance performance, ensure safe equipment usage, reduce injury, develop agility, and increase strength and mobility. In addition to providing off-season training, in-season team workouts, and personalized programming, the coach supports the X-Term co-curricular program in fall and winter, helping student-athletes to maintain and improve their fitness levels in preparation for an upcoming season.


Josh Bannon holds a bachelor’s degree in athletic training from Westfield State University and a master’s in exercise and nutrition from Sacred Heart University. Prior to joining Gunn, he held similar roles at Trinity College, Avon Old Farms, and Williston Northampton School, and he was a fitness instructor and athletic trainer through Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts.