Canterbury Day - Let's Go Gunn!

2021 Canterbury Day Game Schedule

On Saturday, November 13, six Highlander teams will compete against Canterbury as part of Canterbury Day 2021 while the Boys and Girls Varsity Cross Country Teams travel to Carlisle, Massachusetts, for the NEPSTA DIII New England Championships.

Canterbury Day started in 2017 as a way to bring our two schools closer together. It’s a day to have fun, play hard, compete, and cheer each other on, said Athletic Director Mike Marich P'23 '24. This year, all contests will be hosted by Canterbury School on their New Milford campus.

All teams will compete in an effort to win points toward the Canterbury-Gunn Cup. Canterbury won the cup in 2017-2018, Gunn won it in 2018-2019 - and our goal is to keep it! The school that accumulates the most points over the year will be declared the winner and the Athletic Director of the losing school must present the cup to the entire school at the end of the year.

“Every contest matters and is worth one point. Make them all count,” Marich said.

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Students celebrated when Gunn won the cup in 2019!

Students celebrated when Gunn won the cup in 2019!