Co-Curricular Ceremony Highlights Athletic Achievement, Student Leadership, and Fun

2022 Co=Curricular Trophy winners

The school’s annual Co-Curricular Ceremony, held May 23, 2022, highlighted the athletic accomplishments of individual students in the fall, winter and spring. The event also celebrated Frederick Gunn's belief that character was developed and honed in co-curricular activities. “Athletics look very different today than it did back in his time but the lessons learned are largely the same,” said Mike Marich P’23 ’24, Athletic Director and Head Boys Lacrosse Coach.

“It was written of Mr. Gunn ‘that though he relished the fun with the foremost of us, underneath all his encouragement of sports ran his deep conviction that they strengthened not merely muscle and nerve, but character as well. To him the shock of the football melee, the emergencies of a close baseball game, the self-restraints, the skill, the pluck that sports of the field enforced, were tests of fiber which, often renewed, constructed a muscular character as surely as a muscular body,’” Associate Head of School Seth Low P’26 said in his remarks.

“It is with a deep sense of history, purpose, and fun that we are here to celebrate our athletic teams.  We celebrate their successes — successes that go far beyond wins and losses. We celebrate dramatic wins, heartbreaking losses, and at times, abject failures — for we know that there are important lessons in each and that to miss those experiences may mean missing those lessons and ultimately undermining our own character development. We celebrate our leaders — those who excel in their sport, or in their leadership, or in their friendship. And we celebrate our time together, time on buses and fields and courts — that is just plain fun — the kind of fun that is a welcome relief from the stresses of life. The kind of fun that Mr. Gunn relished and recognized as a part of any healthy life.”

Presentation of Awards
The Frederick Gunn School Triple Threat

The Athletic Department recognized the following athletes for their continued commitment to sports at The Frederick Gunn School. These students represented The Highlanders in three varsity sports this year. “As a small school, we need and value student-athletes who participate in three varsity sports. We as a community value their willingness to try new sports, find new passions, and contribute to our community in meaningful ways. Their competitiveness, commitment to the community, and love for athletics are unmatched,” Low said.

The honorees were: Abbey Agrodnia ’22, Elio Baez-Estersohn ’22, Julia Bella ’24, Viv Boucher ’23, Luke Calabria ’25, Emily Chiappa ’23, Kayla Clark ’22, Ryan Crowshaw ’23, Brynn Cunningham ’25, Anna Dámosy ’24, Caroline Daub ’24, Erin Duffy ’24, Emma Eschweiler ’24, Bea Flynn ’24, Sydney Frank ’22, Grace Harlow ’25, Jordan Hopping ’24, Kim Jin ’24, Liam Koval ’22, Olivia Kurtz ’25, Eung Jay Lee ’24, Zac Liebert ’22, Anabel Lota ’22, Natalie May ’24, Mia Merrill ’25, Katie Porrello ’22, Eddie Rayhill ’22, Bella Schifano ’24, Annie Scovill ’22, Maya Sellinger ’23, Kiki Shelters ’22, Skyler Toffolo ’25, Aria Trotta ’23, Chelly Wolff ’22, and Christian Wood ’23. 

Captains Awards
The following students were recognized for their service and commitment to the school as captains of a varsity team this year: John Adams ’22, Boys Skiing, Abigail Agrodnia ’22, Girls Soccer, Brad Barrett ’22, Football and Golf, Viv Boucher ’23, Girls Cross Country, Nic Boyd ’22, Boys Basketball, Gavin Brown ’22, Boys Baseball, Hudson Brown ’22, Ultimate Frisbee, Michael Burns ’22, Boys Crew (spring and fall), Emily Chiappa ’24, Girls Crew (spring and fall), Layla Copen ’24, Girls Tennis, Nic Danforth ’22, Boys Tennis, Tristan Davis ’23, Boys Basketball, Emma Eschweiler ’24, Girls Crew (spring and fall), Sydney Frank ’22, Girls Ice Hockey, Kiernan Gately ’22, Boys Ice Hockey, Sean Hall ’22, Boys Cross Country, Quinn Hedden ’23, Girls Skiing, Serdar Kaltaliogliu ’22, Boys Cross Country, Liam Koval ’22, Football and Boys Skiing, Bennett Lax ’23, Football, Aiden Lindley ’22, Boys Ice Hockey, Ava Marti ’22, Girls Soccer and Girls Lacrosse, Luke Martin ’23, Football, Elliott McDean ’22, Boys Tennis, Theo Mercier ’22, Ultimate Frisbee, Ryan Novo ’22, Boys Ice Hockey, Zachary Peng ’23, Boys Tennis, Tony Pernerewski ’22, Baseball, Katie Porrello ’22, Girls Ice Hockey, Clara Prander ’22, Girls Tennis, Eddie Rayhill ’22, Boys Soccer, Boys Ice Hockey, Boys Lacrosse, and Lea-Karoline Ritzenhoff ’22, Girls Skiing. 

All-League Honors
Katie Porrello ’22 - Girls Field Hockey
Jenny Macler ’23 - Girls Cross Country
Abbey Agrodnia ’22 - Girls Soccer
Serdar Kaltalioglu ’22- Boys Cross Country
Anabel Lota ’22 - Girls Field Hockey

All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention
Annie Scovill ’22- Girls Field Hockey
Eddie Rayhill ’22 - Boys Soccer
Jason Fritz ’23 - Boys Soccer
Kayla Clark ’22 - Girls Field Hockey

Lea Ritzenhoff ’22- Skiing
Tristan Davis ’23 - Boys Basketball

All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention
Bea Flynn ’24 - Girls Hockey
Abbey Agrodnia ’22 - Girls Hockey
Natalia Zappone ’23 - Girls Basketball

New England Prep School Baseball League All-League 
1st Team: Alex Rosario ’22
2nd Team: TJ Addonizio ’24
                     Will Bartoli ’25
                     Gavin Brown ’22
                     Leo Vitarelli ’25

New England Prep School Softball League All-League
Jordan Hopping ’24 - All-Star

Boys Lacrosse
US Lacrosse - All American - Eddie Rayhill ’22
WNESSLA - William Labelle Offensive Player of the Year - Parker Hoffman ’24
WNESSLA - First Team All-League:
Owen Laatsch ’25
Blake Maracle ’22
Andrew Rainville ’24
Théo Weidinger ’22

WNESSLA - Honorable Mention All-League
Trey Bessett ’22
Luke Calabria ’25
William Marich ’23
Mike Pizzo ’23
Allan Szydlowski ’22
Christian Wood ’23

Fall Team Awards: Coaches
The Hoadley Boys’ Soccer Award - Mike Markowski ’23
Most Valuable Player for Girls Soccer - Abbey Agrodnia ’22
Girls Soccer Coach’s Award - Sydney Frank ’22
John Jacob Gunther Award for the Most Valuable Football Player - Liam Koval ’22
The Varsity Football Coach’s Award - Brad Barrett ’22
The Whitman Cross Country Trophy - Viv Boucher ’23
The Cornell Field Hockey Award - Annie Scovill ’22
Most Valuable Player for Field Hockey - Katie Porrello ’22
Most Valuable Team Member of Fall Crew - Anna Dámosy ’24 and Olivia Kurtz ’25

Winter Team Awards: Coaches
Most Valuable Player Girls Basketball - Natalia Zappone ’23
Most Valuable Player Girls Hockey - Abbey Agrodnia ’22
The James R. Haddock Basketball Award - Tristan Davis ’23
The E. Lawrence White Hockey Award - Eddie Rayhill ’22
The Rice Bowl - Ryan Novo ’22
The Class of 2009 Leadership Award for Skiing - Lea-Karoline Ritzehnoff ’22

Spring Sports Awards: Coaches
The Whalley Golf Trophy - Alex Johnson ’23
The Graham/Greenwood Tennis Trophy - Clara Prander ’22
The Rick Johnston Tennis Trophy - Ignacio Irastorza ’22
The MVP Award for Boys Tennis - Nic Danforth ’23
The MVP Award for Girls Tennis - Layla Copen ’24
Best Pitcher - Alex Rosario ’22
Best Batter - Alex Rosario ’22
Best Sportsman: Tony Pernereswski ’22
The MVP Award for Softball - Jordan Hopping ’24
The Alumni Crew Award for MVP in Girls Crew - Sydney Frank ’22
The Alumni Crew Award for  MVP in Boys Crew: Michael Burns ’22
The MVP Award for  Girls Lacrosse: Maya Sellinger ’23
The MVP Award for  Boys Lacrosse: Eddie Rayhill ’22
The MVP Award for Ultimate Frisbee: Jordan Frohock ’22

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