Community Invited to Enjoy "Lovely Day"

Lovely Day Spring Concert 2023 promo

The Frederick Gunn School Music Program will present Lovely Day, a Spring Concert featuring students in String Ensemble, Vocal Ensemble, and Jazz Band under the direction of Ron Castonguay, Director of the Arts and Music Director. Family, friends and the community are invited to attend the performance one night only, Wednesday, May 17, at 7 p.m., in the Tisch Family Auditorium of the Thomas S. Perakos Arts and Community Center. Admission is free. No registration is required. 

“Our amazing winter musical production was Head Over Heels, based on music from the 1980s, so I thought, why not take it back a decade for the spring concert theme?! The 1970s were an integral part of the music world’s development, in all genres,” Castonguay said. 

The repertoire will include artists such as Bill Withers, Led Zeppelin, Neil Diamond, and Kansas alongside Henry Mancini, The Beatles, and Johann Sebastian Bach, and even an ’80s hit! There will be an additional performance on Tuesday, May 16, exclusively for current Gunn students and faculty.

“This concert represents the culmination of a great year of making music with these young musicians,” Castonguay said. “They have worked so hard all year, and are excited to present this concert for you.”

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String Ensemble 2023

The Frederick Gunn School String Ensemble includes: Livia Correia ’23, Juliet Denman ’24, Jack Liu ’25, Curry Nye ’26, and Aria Trotta ’23 (violin); Anya Zigmont ’26 (viola); and Nic Danforth ’23 and Daniel Conlan ’26 (cello).

Vocal Ensemble 2023

Vocal Ensemble includes: Henry Abbate ’25 (tenor and baritone), Logan Bell ‘25 (bass), Sierra Cortes ’23 (alto), Juliet Denman ‘24 (alto), Will Dyer ’23 (bass), Frank Fan ’23 (bass), Yancy Gong '26 (soprano), Colin Hall ’24 (bass, baritone and tenor), Ava Hu ‘26 (soprano), Joanna Jin ‘24 (soprano), Cat Kleiner ’25 (soprano), Nina Lamb ’24 (alto and tenor), Catherine Lu ’24 (alto), Daisy Moriarty ‘25 (alto), Audrey Richards ’23 (soprano), Taylor Sall ‘25 (soprano), Maisie Samuels ‘23 (alto and tenor), Aryel Sealey ‘25 (alto and tenor), Joe Shaker ’24 (bass), Sophie Smart ’26 (alto and tenor), Chris Wang ’23 (alto), and Stella Zhu ‘25 (soprano).

Jazz Band 2023

Jazz Band includes: Steven Chen ’26 (alto sax), Michael Copen ’26 (piano and percussion),  Nina Dai ’26 (piano), Will Dyer ’23 (guitar), Robbie Happy ’26 (trumpet), Ezekiel Hatcher ’26 (trumpet), Quinn Hedden ’23 (bari sax), Oliver Levick ’24 (tenor sax), David Low ’26 (trumpet), Joshua Ly ’23 (mallets), Nathan Marshall ’26 (flute), Andrew Nahui ’26 (alto sax), Peter Nguyen ’25 (bass), Sandra Sacristan Garcia Carrasco ’24, (bass), Hugo Vilbois ’23 (drums), Rocky Wang ’25 (trombone), Fritz Wuelfing ’23 (piano), and Gavin Yin ’26 (alto sax).

Ron Castonguay, Director

Ron Castonguay, Director of the Arts and Music Director