Gunn Music Presents "Big Noise From The North Pole"

Big Noise From The North Pole graphic

The Frederick Gunn School Music Program will present a holiday concert, Big Noise From The North Pole, featuring performances by String Ensemble, Vocal Ensemble, Jazz Band, and special guests. This year's holiday concert is one night only, December 12, at 7 p.m. in the Tisch Family Auditorium of the Thomas S. Perakos Arts and Community Center, and is open to students and faculty only. A limited number of seats are available for Gunn families.

"The songs you will hear tonight are intended to celebrate a season and time of year that truly brings everyone together in spirit," said Ron Castonguay P'27, Director of the Arts and Music Director. "Although much of this evening's music is geared toward specific holidays, it is the message that each song conveys that I hope you will welcome into your hearts - one of community, family, hope, and love. From all of the hard-working musicians on stage tonight, we hope that Big Noise From The North Pole will be an event of musically exuberant joy and nostalgia."

Additional Images

2023 Vocal Ensemble

Vocal Ensemble

Front Row: Mr. Leo Jiang, Henry Abbate ’25, Oliver Severino ’27, Colin Hall ’24, Dylan Ram ’27, Joe Shaker ’24

Back Row: Dora Ai ’27, Daisy Moriarty ’25, Rachel Lin ’27, Stella Zhu ’25, Siena Castonguay ’27, Talulah Ryan ’27, Aryel Sealey ’25, Anna Dámosy ’24, Taylor Sall ’25, Sophie Smart ’26, Juliet Denman ’24

2023 String Ensemble

String Ensemble

From left to right: Ellie Cho ’26, Celia Dauphinais ’25, Sam Blackwood ’27, Juliet Denman ’24, Anya Zigmont ’26, Daniel Conlan ’26

2023 Jazz Ensemble

Jazz Ensemble

Front Row: Elizabeth Tu ’25, Gavin Yin ’26, Steven Chen ’26, Oliver Levick ’24, Anderson Busby ’27, Rocky Wang ’25, Riker Napoleone ’27

Back Row: James Zhang ’27, Tyler Johnson ’24, Snow Zhang ’27, Emmett Panzer ’27, Thomas Vo ’25, Max Yuan ’27, Peter Nguyen ’25