Outstanding Performances Celebrated at Athletic Banquet

Athletic Awards large group photo 2024

Outstanding performances in the Gunn Athletics program during the 2023-24 school year were celebrated along with this year’s team captains and three-sport athletes at the annual Athletic Banquet, held May 22, 2024 in the Thomas S. Perakos Arts and Community Center. Among this year’s highlights: Boys Varsity Lacrosse won the Colonial Cup Tournament Final on May 18, beating Pomfret 13-4 at home, and scoring the final point to win the Gunn-Canterbury Cup. 

Girls Varsity Tennis was ranked first in the Suffield Invitational final on May 18, accumulating a total of 17 points in matches against Ethel Walker, Marianapolis, Suffield Academy, Wilbraham & Monson Academy, and Williston Northampton. The #1 Singles was won by Layla Copen ’24 and the #1 Doubles was won by Tamaki Nakane ’27 and Emma Golden ’26.

Associate Head of School Seth Low P’26, who is also Head Coach, Boys JV Lacrosse, spoke at the ceremony about the importance of playing sports for fun and for challenge. Sports allow us to measure ourselves against others, and reminds us, in the spirit of our school motto, that we can always improve. “As a school, we require you to play sports. Not because we want to win every competition (though we don’t mind that), but because we want to challenge you — individually and collectively — to grow and evolve. You need to believe in yourself, but you also need to believe that you always need to be growing,” Low said. 

Athletic Director Mike Marich P’23 ’24, who served as the Master of Ceremonies, also spoke about the educational value of sports, which impart life lessons in “hard work, teamwork, sportsmanship and being part of something bigger than yourself.”

Presentation of Awards
The Frederick Gunn School Triple Threat Awards
The Athletic Department recognized the following athletes for their continued commitment to sports at The Frederick Gunn School. These students represented The Highlanders in three varsity sports this year. “We as a community value their willingness to try new sports, find new passions, and contribute to our community in meaningful ways,” Marich said. “Their competitiveness, commitment to the community, and love for athletics are unmatched.”

This year’s triple threat award winners were: T.J. Addonizio ’24, Dean Brown ’24, Taylor Brown ’24, James Burrell ’25, Luke Calabria ’24, Savanna Cicarelli ’25, Avery Clement ’25, Billy Collins ’25, Sofia Cuozzo ’25, Sophia Dadd ’26, Caroline Daub ’24, Ashley Edmonds ’26, Emma Eschweiler ’24, Emily Fonte ’24, Maria Gilshannon ’27, Jordan Hopping ’24, Ella Jumps ’27, Emily Krauss ’25, Ian Kuisis ’25, Olivia Kurtz ’25, Zane Leonard ’25, Pia Maccione ’26, Natalie May ’24, Mia Merrill ’25, Ethan Meyer ’27, Sophia Nower ’24, Bella Schifano ’24, Megan Sladish ’25, Skyler Toffolo ’25, and Jo Wimler ’24.

Captains Awards
The following students were recognized for serving as captains of varsity teams this year: Jack Nettleton ’24, Boys Rowing (fall and spring), Emma Eschweiler ’24, Girls Rowing (fall and spring), Milo Corner ’24, Boys Cross Country, Blake Baumgartner ’26, Girls Cross Country, Bea Flynn ’24, Field Hockey, Andrew Rainville ’24, Taylor Brown ’24, Dom Nicholas ’24, and Ryan Ryu ’25, Football, Matis Molina Ricard ’24, T.J. Addonizio ’24, Julia Daou ’24, and Adrian Daou ’24, Boys Soccer, Emily Fonte ’24, Bella Schifano ’24, Natalie May ’24, and Layla Copen ’24, Girls Soccer, Jack Guevara ’24 and Santana Sinvilcin ’24, Boys Basketball, Emily Fonte ’24 and Caroline Daub ’24, Girls Basketball, Bea Flynn ’24, Jo Wimler ’24, and Emma Eschweiler ’24, Girls Ice Hockey, Andrew Baron ’24, Oliver Levick ’24, and Alejandro Zafra ’24, Boys Skiing, Juliet Denman ’24, Stella Leonard ’25, Zane Leonard ’25, and Victoria Rubbo ’25, Girls Skiing, TJ Addonizio ’24, Will Bartoli ’25, Trey LaMay ’25, and Miles Perez ’25, Baseball, Sofia Cuozzo ’25 and Megan ’25, Softball, Peter Cui ’25, Golf, Owen Laatsch ’25, Andrew Rainville ’24, and Dom Nicholas ’24, Boys Lacrosse, Bella Schifano ’24, Jordan Hopping ’24, and Caroline Marich ’24, Girls Lacrosse, Taylor Brown ’24, Michael Copen ’26, Peter Murphy ’24, and Matthew Neu ’24, Boys Tennis, Layla Copen ’24 and Caroline Daub ’24, Girls Tennis, Egor Torba ’24, Jim Nguyen ’25, Polly Ross ’26, and Daniel Conlan ’26, Ultimate Frisbee.

All-League Honors
Fall: All-NEPSAC
Jordan Hopping ’24 — Field Hockey
Bea Flynn ’24 — Field Hockey

Fall: All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention
Blake Baumgartner ’26 — Girls Cross Country
Emily Fonte ’24 — Girls Soccer
Karl Hammer ’25 — Boys Soccer
Megan Sladish ’25 — Field Hockey
Cassy Cotton ’27 — Field Hockey

Fall: All-State
Victor Ponzuelos ’25 — Boys Soccer

Winter: All-NEPSAC
Alex LoGuercio ’24 — Boys Ice Hockey
Luke Calabria ’24 — Boys Ice Hockey

Winter: All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention
Emily Fonte ’24 — Girls Ice Hockey
Santana Sinvilcin ’24 — Boys Basketball
Jake Johner ’24 — Boys Ice Hockey
Mitch McCusker ’24 — Boys Ice Hockey
Bea Flynn ’24 — Girls Ice Hockey
Bella Schifano ’24 — Girls Ice Hockey
Andrew Baron ’24 — Boys Skiing
Juliet Denman ’24 — Girls Skiing

Spring: All-NEPSAC
Owen Laatch ’25 — Boys Lacrosse
Andrew Rainville ’24 — Boys Lacrosse
Layla Copen ’24 — Girls Tennis
Michael Copen ’26 — Boys Tennis

Spring: All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention
Tucker Mears ’26 — Boys Lacrosse
James Timmins ’25 — Boys Lacrosse
Brynn Cunningham ’25 — Girls Lacrosse
Sofia Cuozzo ’25 — Softball 

Western New England Secondary School Lacrosse Association (WNESSLA)
Dom Nicholas ’24 — First Team All-League
Tyler Johnson ’24 — First Team All-League
Luke Calabria ’24 — First Team All-League
Mercer Fernandes ’24 — First Team All-League
Drew Delouchry ’25 — First Team All-League
Beau Fairbanks ’25 — First Team All-League
Chauncey Payne ’24 — All-League Honorable Mention
Jake Pellicane ’25 — All-League Honorable Mention
Ace Watson ’26 — All-League Honorable Mention

Western New England Prep Baseball League (WNEPBL)
Will Bartoli ’25 — First Team All-League 
TJ Addonizio ’24 — Second Team All-League 
Cam Willis ’25 — Second Team All-League 
Trey LaMay ’24 — Second Team All-League 
Miles Perez ’25 — Second Team All-League

Western New England Prep School Girls Softball Association (WNEPSGSA)
Sofia Cuozzo ’25 — All-Star

Fall Team Awards: Coaches
The Hoadley Boys Soccer Award — Matis Molina Ricard ’24
Most Valuable Player for Girls Soccer — Bella Schifano ’24
Girls Soccer Coach’s Award — Emily Fonte ’24
John Jacob Gunther Award for the Most Valuable Football Player — Andrew Rainville ’24
The Varsity Football Coach’s Award — Dom Nicholas ’24
The Whitman Cross Country Trophy — Colin Hall ’24 and Blake Baumgartner ’26
The Cornell Field Hockey Award — Bea Flynn ’24
Most Valuable Player for Field Hockey — Jordan Hopping ’24
Most Valuable Team Member of Fall Crew — Zane Leonard ’25 and Sam Williams ’24

Winter Team Awards: Coaches
Most Valuable Player Girls Basketball — Emily Fonte ’24
Most Valuable Player Girls Hockey — Jo Wimler ’24
The James R. Haddock Basketball Award — Santana Sinvilcin ’24
The E. Lawrence White Hockey Award — Luke Calabria ’24
The Rice Bowl — Mitch McCusker ’24
The Class of 2009 Leadership Award for Skiing — Andrew Baron ’24

Spring Sports Awards — Coaches
The Whalley Golf Trophy — Braden O’Neil ’25
The Graham/Greenwood Tennis Trophy — Layla Copen ’24
The Rick Johnston Tennis Trophy — Matthew Neu ’24
The MVP Award for Boys Tennis — Michael Copen ’26
The MVP Award for Girls Tennis — Abby Gleason ’26 and Ava Gleason ’26
Best Pitcher — Trey LaMay ’25
Best Batter — Will Bartoli ’25
Best Sportsman: Dean Brown ’24
The MVP Award for Softball — Sofia Cuozzo ’25
The Alumni Crew Award for MVP in Girls Crew — Emma Eschweiler ’24
The Alumni Crew Award for MVP in Boys Crew: Jack Nettleton ’24
The MVP Award for Girls Lacrosse: Mia Merrill ’25
The MVP Award for Boys Lacrosse: Owen Laatsch ’25
The MVP Award for Ultimate Frisbee: Igor Torba ’24

Congratulations to all of our winners.

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