Play4TheCure Seeks to Raise $8,200 for Cancer Research


The Varsity Field Hockey Team is unable to host their annual Play4TheCure event this fall, but the team is still seeking to raise funds toward its goal of $8,200 in support of the National Foundation for Cancer Research. 

In a typical year, the highlight of this annual event is a co-ed, intramural field hockey game in which two teams – comprised of members of the varsity team and male students who earn an invitation to play based on their fundraising results  – compete for two, 20-minute halves. They are cheered energetically from the sidelines by students, faculty, family, and friends, who dress in their favored team’s colors on game day and support their favorite players with hand-made banners and signs. Sales of baked good, t-shirts, hot chocolate, cotton candy, a Beads Beat Cancer campaign and Crowdrise page also support the cause.

What’s most impressive is that the team’s fundraising efforts continue to follow an upward trajectory. In previous years, they have raised from $1,600 to $4,000 in support of NFCR. In 2019, the team exceeded its goal of $4,200 by over $3,900. So far this year, they have raised over $3,500 toward their goal of $8,200.

In addition to generating funds for cancer research, Play4TheCure aims to raise awareness about various cancers, and cancer prevention. “While the girls typically wear pink, it is important to note that this is a fundraiser for ALL cancers, not just breast cancer,” said Mandarin teacher and event organizer Tanya Nongera, who lost a childhood friend to lung cancer in 2017. 

This year is a particularly challenging year for me in dealing with cancer in people who are close to me,” she commented at a recent faculty meeting, encouraging those who are unable to donate to learn more about cancer prevention and show their support for Play4TheCure on social media.

All proceeds from the Play4TheCure campaign go directly to NFCR, which uses 72% of all donations for research and education, 20% for fundraising and 8% for operations. Learn more and make a donation here.

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