Student Work Featured in WAA Emerging Artists Expo

Two Left Turns by Lilly O'Farrell '22

The Washington Art Association's Second Annual High School Emerging Artists Expo features original work by several Frederick Gunn School students. This juried art show is open to all high school student-artists in the area who design and create original work. The exhibition, which will remain on view through April 24, features over 80 pieces in the mediums of painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, mixed media and digital art, WAA said.

Representing FGS are nine students from AP Studio Art: John Adams '22, Ursula Anderson '22, Anna Gleason '23, Keven O'Farrell '22, Lilly O'Farrell '22, Lea Ritzenhoff '22, Jenny Shen '23, Sasha Pastoukhova Valdez '22 and Alex Warren '22. The class, taught by Visual Arts Chair Andrew Richards P'20 '23, emphasizes art making as an ongoing, creative process, which includes the development of the student as an independent thinker, a goal setter, and problem solver, who reflects critically on their own work as well as the work of their peers and other artists to inform their creative process. The course also intends to help students on the journey to find their own artistic voice through thoughtful consideration of their aesthetic preferences and mastery of technical skills.

Gunn was one of six independent and public high schools represented this year, along with Canterbury School, Kent School, Watertown High School, Nonnewaug High School and the Shepaug Valley School.

"Believing that the greatest gift anyone can give an artist is encouragement, we are committed to supporting the talented students from these area high schools," the Washington Art Association said in an announcement on WTNH News 8. "The art of these students singularly reflects an evolving world-view that is distinct to their generation and we admire the way in which they paint, draw and record that world."

This year's expo was juried by Washington residents and art patrons Peter, Barbara and Will Talbot. The Washington Art Association & Gallery is a leader in regional art programming, offering classes, workshops, and exhibitions by both locally and nationally recognized artists since 1952.

Additional Images

%22Gladiator%22 by John Adams '22

Above: "Gladiator," ceramic, by John Adams '22; Top: "Two Left Turns," acrylic on canvas, by Lilly O'Farrell '22

"Moss on a Tree," ceramic, by Keven O'Farrell '22

Black and White Splatter Vase%22 by Anna Gleason '23

"Black and White Splatter Vase," ceramic, by Anna Gleason '23

"Fantasy and Reality," acrylic on canvas, by Alex Warren '22

Acrylic on canvas and dried paint I found in the art room. Some pen here n there.

"A Familar Idiosyncrasy LOL XD *pause* Synthetic Divity Grrr," by Ursula Anderson '22; acrylic on canvas "and dried paint I found in the art room. Some pen here n there," according to the artist.

%22Disorder, Abnormalities%22 by Lea-Karoline Ritzenhoff '22

"Disorder, Abnormalities," by Lea-Karoline Ritzenhoff '22; washable markers and oil pastels.

%22As Above So Below%22 by Sasha Pastoukhova Valdez '22

"As Above So Below," acrylic on canvas, by Sasha Pastoukhova Valdez '22

%22Finding Your True Self%22 by Jenny Shen '23

"Finding Your True Self" by Jenny Shen '23; oil on canvas.