What is I ❤️ Fred?

I ❤️ Fred started in 2017 when students challenged faculty and staff members to see who could reach 100% participation to The 1850 Fund first. The competition falls on Valentine’s Day week as a way to educate students on the importance of giving back, spreading the love, and investing in our community. There is strength in numbers, and when our entire community comes together, we are an unstoppable force for good. The class year with the highest participation gets a dress-down day!

Spread the Love!

We believe faculty are the heirs and stewards of Mr. Gunn’s vision as they mentor your students in the classroom, on the athletic fields, and throughout our vibrant learning community. Consider making a gift to The 1850 Fund in honor of a special teacher, supportive coach, or awesome Gunn student before February 18. We will notify the recipient of your generosity, spreading the love with a special I ❤️ Fred! This week is about showing our community there is strength in numbers. Gifts of any amount make a difference in the lives of our students! 

Other ways to spread the love!

Give a shoutout to a teacher, coach, dorm parent, or Gunn community member who you think embodies what it means to be a force for good. Or share why YOU ❤️ The Frederick Gunn School!
Visit our I ❤️ Fred Kudoboard to spread the love by February 18. 


Be social!

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