The Gunn Society invites you to join them in The 5th Annual I ❤️ Fred Challenge!

From February 8-14, students, faculty, and alumni (for the first time ever!) are participating in the I ❤️ Fred Giving Challenge to raise money for The 1850 Fund. Join the challenge and make your gift below!

All alumni donors who renew their support with a gift of $18.50 or more, will receive a student-designed I ❤️ Fred face mask to say “Thank You and Be Well!”

A Message From Gunn Society

All year we raise money for so many great causes. Now it’s time to support our very own community and show how much we love our school and Mr. Gunn

Gunn Society Students

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Here are a few social graphics for you all to share during I ❤️ Fred Challenge! Enjoy!

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