Gunn Community Thank Yous

A lot has changed at Gunn over the years, but the one thing that has remained the same is the faculty’s dedication to helping students become the best versions of themselves. This year, to show their gratitude, alumni, parents, and friends are making gifts to The 1850 Fund as “thank yous” in celebration of the special Gunn community members who made a profound impact on their Gunn experience.

Ogden D. Miller, Jr. ’50 In honor of Ogden Dayton Miller, Former Head of School
Anthony M. Delude ’53

In memory of Mr. David N. Hoadley ’51

Michael G. Mackenzie ’54 Head of School Ogden Miller was the best friend I could have had at The Gunnery.
Geoffrey N. Brown  ’56 Gift in honor of Michael Post, a formidable English Instructor
Colin C. Colston ’56 I was lucky enough to be the ESU exchange student in the Class of 1956. It was a fantastic year for me. This gift is in memory of my roommate, Richard Baldwin.
Charles F. Smith ’57 Gift Honoring Head of School Oggie Miller
P. Severin Marsted ’57 In memory of Rod Beebe
Stephen J. Richman ’58 In memory of Jim Haddick ’82
Daniel M. Sprague ’59 In memory of my lifelong friend, Fred Easter, Jr. ’59
Andrew Y. Rogers, Jr. ’61 In memory of my classmate, roommate, and friend, J. Stephen Jackson ’61
Charles A. Cohen ’63 In honor of Wally Rowe and Clark Simms
David B. Swan  ’63 Ogden Miller - Thank you so much
Robert M. Zavorskas ’63 In memory of all my classmates who have passed away...
Alfred O. Reynolds, Jr. ’64 In honor of Ned Swigart, Biology
John A. Harrison ’64 In honor of Wally Rowe
Stuart J. McCampbell ’64 In honor of the Class of 1964
George A. Sheets ’65 In honor of Norm Lemcke and Ed Buxton
John A. Sturges, Jr. ’65 In honor of Jim Haddick & his wife
Peter P. Case ’65 Gift in honor of Norm Lemcke
Paul H. Nankivell, II ’66 In honor of Michael Eanes
Paul J. Ferla ’66 In honor of Norman Lemcke + wife. Head when I attended, whose love and concern were key to my Gunnery experience
Benton R. Lyster II ’66 In honor of Mr. Haddick, who was my teacher, coach, and advisor.
Ralph Singh Rakieten ’66 This honors the DEI initiative and commitment to Citizenship and of Wally Rowe for writing more in red ink on my early freshman essays than i had written in blue!
Ian J. Cohn ’67 In honor of Class of 1967
William M. Oman, Jr. ’67 and Larry Crummer In honor of the class of 1967, Norm Lemcke, Clark Simms and Ned Swigert
John M. Reynolds, Esq. ’68 In honor of Alfred Owen Reynolds, Sr. Class of 1930
E. Laurence White III ’68 In memory of Mr. E. Laurence White, Jr. P’68
Henry W. Baird ’70 In tribute to Norman R. Lemcke P’84
Mr. Stephen Bond Garvan ’70 In honor of Arthur C Wheeler and Joseph Bond Garvan
Stuart D. Levitan ’71 In memory of Ron Whittle P’80
Nicholas Molnar ’72 I dedicate my support of the Frederick Gunn School's 1850 Annual Fund to Mr. Michael Eanes. Mr. Eanes was my Chemistry teacher and later Head of  School. He instilled in me a natural curiosity of science and learning.
R Mark Van Allen ’72 In memory of Sean Sutton ’72
Charles B. Hunker ’73

In memory of Mr. Taylor Hardwick, Jr. ’73

Allen C. Steiger ’76 In honor of Michael Eanes for helping develop and instill a sense of personal ownership and pride in our actions.
Richard B. Flanagan ’77 Great to be back in June for our 45th reunion, the campus looks great! I'm grateful to many at Gunn but dedicate my gift this year to Mr. & Mrs. Eanes for their exceptional kindness and understanding while living below six overactive teenagers.
Terrence W. McFarland ’77 In honor of Scott Lord
William M. Samuelson ’78 My memories of Mr. & Mrs. Haddick remain very fond, even after all these years
Sean M. Peoples ’79 In memory of Richard D. Peoples
Thomas B. Meek, III ’81 In memory of Sui Lam Sun ’81, friend to all at the school
Sarah Scheel Cook ’82 In memory of Pam Taylor
Edgar S. Auchincloss V ’82 P’12 In memory of my father, Edgar S. Auchincloss IV
Andrew S. Jeske ’83 In honor of my '83 classmates and all who make the school so special.
Bobbe D. Navia ’83 In honor of Pam Taylor
John Corcoran ’83 My gift is in honor of my teachers, Ed Small and Russ Elgin, and in memory of the man who stands above all, Hugh Caldera.
Paul O’Leary ’84 In memory of Pam Taylor and Hugh Caldera
Jim T. Sage ’86 Alumni class of '86
Raymond J. Whitney, III ’87 Pamela "Tay" Taylor 
Hozefa Y. Haveliwala ’88 For my past teachers
Kevin C. McManus ’88 "En boca cerrada no entran moscas," for Eileen Kelly-Aquire. For K-R (alumni, kindly visit Google- but I know it's over 2A and there's a VERY familiar B- figure involved here in many places) somewhere. Love and much gratitude.
John L. Payne, Jr. ’88 In honor of Joe Dibiase
L. Michael Hersom ’89 In memory of Andrew Crawford ’89
Whitney L. Crosby ’89 In memory of Pam Taylor
Avanel Jarka ’90 In honor of the Class of ’90
Panu Puntoomsinchai ’90 In honor of Mr. Robert Birch, my favorite and life-changing teacher.
Adlai J. Small ’91 Michael and Susan Eanes
Elizabeth A. Kelley ’92 and Shawn P. Kelley In memory of Peg Addicks
Elvira Davidson ’94 In honor Julie Dansingberg
Krystalynn M. Schlegel ’96  In honor of William Smith
Cheryl L. Tafel ’99 In honor of Willie Smith. He was a great teacher and advisor.
John P. Moore  ’99 In honor of my 1st born son Theodore. Hopefully a future graduate of the class of 2039
Heather W. Oster ’01 In honor of Ed Small
Leigh Buckens ’02 In honor of Chip Miller P’12 ’20
Keatha L. Todd ’02 In Honor and Memory of Pam Taylor - the BEST English teacher!
Lane A. Goldberg ’03 In honor of Richard Reich
Samantha P. Collum ’03 In honor of Willie Smith
Mr. Matthew Helderman ’07 and Mrs. Perry Helderman ’06 The Gunnery (FGS) was a foundational part of our lives and remains a cornerstone to our story as a couple (married for 10 years and dating for 18!).
Alexandra L. Early ’07 Thanks to Chip Miller for making outdoor club 🔥
Michael P. O'Brien ’07 and Ms. Sheila Kelleher In memory of Hugh Caldara
Jaime O. Heilbron ’08 In memory of Lawrence Foster ’09 and Kevin Garrity ’99.
Tara E. Connolly ’09 In honor of all the faculty and staff who had an impact on my time at The Gunnery.
Kevin M. Darrar ’14 In honor of Mr. Bailey

Gregory M. Decker ’15

So impressed with how the school has developed since graduating in 2015
Aidan D. Bond ’16 Celebrating the great work done by Peter and looking forward to the future and continued progress with Emily at the helm!
Lucas F. Prestamo ’17 For Sean Brown's generosity and kindness in helping create an unforgettable memory for a small number of alumni. Thank you Sean!
Caleb W. Dorf ’19 In memory of Lucas Rosati ’20
Elijah H. Dorf ’19 Annual gift in honor of friend and former student Lucas Rosati ’20
Jonathan Nichele ’21 In honor of Riley Edwards and Boys Lacrosse ’21
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace H. Rowe III H’57 P’77 ’79 In honor of The Class of 1957—his very first class at The Gunnery and of his career.
Ms. Emily H. Taylor P’05 In memory of Gretchen Farmer P’05
Melissa L. McCoy P’14 In Honor of my son Brandon Garzione ’14
Thomas W. Adams P’15 In memory of Kevin M. Garrity ’99
Jennifer Clement P’22 ’25 In honor of the English Department faculty, Kori Rimany, Karoline Theobald, Tim Poole, Chris Visentin, who helped my son to become a wonderful writer!
Dmitry Torba P’23 Thanks to Mr. Muller for being such a good teacher and person
Fenghua Li P’23 Tommy Li (Zejun)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Sullivan P’23 Thanking Mr. Milano from Owen for being such a great supporter in Math class and in frisbee
Jorge Zafra P’24 In honor of Caralyn Dea. Thank you to all the Faculty for their hard work and dedication to the students and their commitment to help them strive and get the best of themselves.
Matthew LoGuercio P’24 Gunn hockey program. Thank you to the coaches and staff for all you do!
Jinfeng Cui P’25 In honor of Peter Cui ’25
Justin Panzer P’25 We would like to thank all the faculty for their hard work and dedication.
Mark D. Lesson P’25 Mrs Bell, Thank you for being so kind to our daughter Ruby Lesson. She is lucky to have you as her advisor.
Jack Waterstreet P’26 Dedicated to Sarah and Eric Hunt
Alfred Kennedy GP’25 In honor of our granddaughter, Marley-Austell Kennedy ’25, a student
Laura Mardyks GP’26 We are thrilled with all that Gunn is doing to inspire our granddaughters Alexandra, to keep discovering her talent - Thank You
Nancy Weiner GP’26 In honor of Blake Baumgartner ’26
W. Russ Elgin In honor of Deborah Doody
Chanel Vitale Hannah Alley-Keller

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