2020-21 Back-to-School Guide

A Message from Peter Becker

The Frederick Gunn School has committed to reopening our campus to students and faculty for the 2020-21 academic year. Students will be welcomed back starting Tuesday, September 8. Classes will begin Monday, September 14. We know far more about COVID-19 now than we did when news of the coronavirus began to impact our way of life in March. In Connecticut and our region, mitigation efforts have so far led to consistently low levels of new cases. We are encouraged by this and we are re-energized by the idea of having our students gather this fall, whether you are joining us in person or as part of our global online learning community, FGS GO

We hope you find this Back-to-School Guide a useful resource, and have sought to gather information from various departments here in one place for easy reference. As you know, we have made changes in response to the global pandemic to the way we do things and the health and safety of our students, faculty, families and our town are our priority. In support of that, we are requiring all students, employees and visitors to our campus to take the necessary steps to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, in accordance with the guidelines issued by the State of Connecticut and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This includes wearing masks indoors and at times when we cannot maintain a distance of six feet from others; washing hands often; maintaining social distancing; wiping down shared surfaces after use; and staying home when we are sick. It also extends to new testing and quarantine requirements and health and safety protocols in our classrooms, dorms and dining hall. On these pages you will find more information about our response to COVID-19 and our plans to safely return to campus and begin together our 171st year as a school. Let’s go, Highlanders!

Reopening Plan

Read our Reopening update that was sent out via email on August 7.

Magnus Health Forms

(Parents of new students will receive an email providing your username and password to access your child’s Magnus Health SMR.)


Students start returning September 8. 
Classes begin on September 14.

Student Handbook

Watch for the 2020-21 edition - coming in August!

Student Debit Accounts

Every student at The Gunnery has a Debit Account in the School Store, including day students. 

Summer Academic Work

Order Textbooks Online

The link to order text books is available now.

International Students

If you have questions as you prepare to return to campus, please email us at  intsupport@frederickgunn.org.

Summer Checklist

Prior to September, please be sure that all required forms have been submitted to each department below.

Dean of Students

  • Registration forms (Authorization to Publish, Emergency Contacts, Additional Student/Family Information, Parent/Guardian Information, Release of Student Information, School Store Debit Account) submitted through HighlanderNation.
  • Completed Student Life Survey 


Health Center

Business Office


  • Please send a current school portrait scan (or hardcopy) of your child to Jamie Albro (albroj@frederickgunn.org) for inclusion in our student handbook. Pictures must be received prior to August 1. Please do not send cropped pictures as the quality of edited photos does not reprint well in the handbook.


Who to contact with questions:

Dean of Students Office:
Ashley LeBlanc, Dean of Students, dos@frederickgunn.org
James Balben, Director of Residential Life, dos@frederickgunn.org
Lauren Lord, Assistant Dean of Students, dos@frederickgunn.org

Health Center:
Mary Ewing R.N., Director of Nursing,  healthdept@frederickgunn.org

Business Office/Student Accounts:
Amber Noe, Director of Student Accounts, noea@frederickgunn.org

Academics Office:
Peg Small, Registrar, smallp@frederickgunn.org

School Store:
Deborah Doody, School Store Manager, doodyd@frederickgunn.org

BJ Daniels, Director of Technology, danielsb@frederickgunn.org


Click to View all Recent Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall Meeting Recording Aug 24, 2020

Student Health Advocates Town Hall July 13, 2020

Recent Communications to Frederick Gunn Community

DEI Annual Report: October 29, 2020 - sent to all current faculty & staff, current parents, students and alumni

Reminders and Updates from Campus: October 21, 2020 - sent to all current parents and faculty & staff

International Travel Updates: October 1, 2020 - sent to international students and parents

Revisions to Health and Safety Protocols: September 29, 2020 - sent to current parents, students, faculty & staff

COVID-19 testing on Monday: September 18, 2020 - sent to all parents & students

Compliance with our health and safety protocols: September 17, 2020 - sent to all parents, students and faculty & staff

Registration and Orientation Tomorrow: September 11, 2020 - sent to all current day parents and students

Parent Orientation: September 8, 2020 - sent to all parents

Your Return-to-Campus Checklist: September 2, 2020 - sent to all parents, students and faculty & staff

Important International Travel Information: August 26, 2020 -sent to international families

Signature Required for Notice of Informed Consent: August 26, 2020 - sent to all current parents

Pre-arrival COVID-19 testing instructions and resources: August 24, 2020 - sent to all current parents & students

Follow-up to Aug 12 Town Hall Meeting: August 19, 2020 - sent to all parents, students and faculty & staff

Campus Reopening Information and Forms: August 14, 2020 - sent to all current parents and students

Campus Reopening Update for Fall 2020: August 7, 2020 - sent to all current parents, students and faculty & staff

A message from Dean of Students: July 13, 2020 - sent to new parents and students

A message from Dean of Students: July 13, 2020 - sent to returning parents and students

Campus Reopening Update: July 8, 2020 - sent to all parents, students and faculty & staff

Update from The Gunnery Health Center: June 26, 2020 - sent to all parents

Fall Planning Update: June 24, 2020 - sent to all parents

Summer Reading Assignments: June 18, 2020 - sent to all parents and students

Fall 2020 Planning Process: June 2, 2020 - sent to all parents

Update on Fall 2020 Planning: May 18, 2020 - sent to all parents

Important Registration Information: May 18, 2020 and ongoing - sent to all new parents

Fall 2020 Planning Updates: May 4, 2020- sent to all parents

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