Residential Life

Residential life at The Frederick Gunn School is all about community. It’s about finding your friend group and learning to live respectfully with others. More than any other space on campus, your House becomes a home away from home. It’s where you learn to be independent, manage your time and become self-reliant. 

Decorate your dorm room! Personalize your space and make it your own.

Teddy dorm rooms are large singles. 

The Frederick Gunn School is a small, close-knit community. The friends you make here  - sharing a room, hanging out in the common room, talking with your House parents, eating pizza or helping a classmate out with math - are often your friends for life. Ask our alumni, they will tell you!

One student described it as a seven-day sleepover – with homework.
You’re with people who ultimately become your friends.

houses at Gunn:
  • We have 10 single-sex Houses.
  • The largest House can accommodate 50 students; the smallest, 10.
  • Most students live in singles or doubles; a few live in triples or quads.
  • All Houses have a common room with comfy couches, a TV, and microwave; it can be a quiet place to catch up on homework, or a hub for hanging out.
  • All day students have a room on campus, most with boarding roommates, so there is always a place to study, change for your afternoon activity, and stay over if you need to.
  • Student RAs (Residential Assistants) also help to run each dorm. As returning students, they know the school community well and strive to make new students feel at home. As student leaders, they also organize House community service activities and take the lead when you compete in House challenges in an effort to win the House Cup.
Yes, there are rules...but not too many
Quiet hours are requested during Evening Study Hall, six nights a week from 8 to 10 p.m., with House check-in after that. There are weekly room inspections and everyone has a House job at some point in the year. While some of the rules take getting used to, our students will tell you that they really help you to figure out a routine that lets you balance school, friends and fun. You become independent. Best of all you are well-prepared to head off to college and take care of yourself.
Study Hall
To help you achieve academic success, you will have Evening Study Hall, which for the first half of freshman year, means studying in your room. After that, you can choose from studying in your House, in the library, or in the Thomas S. Perakos Arts and Community Center. The goal is to figure out what works best for you, and those study skills will help to give you an advantage in college.
House Parents
There are at least two faculty apartments attached to each House. Your House parents are a big part of residential life. They can help with homework, bake treats as a surprise, let you walk their dog, hang out and watch a game with their kids, or use their kitchen to make a snack. They are full of advice and support and work hard to make sure that all of the residents of the House have a safe, quiet place to study and a great home away from home.