Student Publications

The Stray Shot

The Stray Shot is our literary magazine, first published in March 1884. It was named for a regular column delineating the arbitrary, funny, off-the-mark events and utterances of school and classroom life (like the Civil War cannon shots which went astray). In the beginning it was a school newspaper, a literary journal, a town newspaper, an alumni magazine, and a yearbook and was published 10 months a year. It continued to be published four times a year as a literary magazine until 1955. It became the annual magazine it is currently in 1956.

Students can submit art, photography, poetry and fiction to the Stray Shot.

Most Recent Issue of the Stray Shot

The Highlander

The Highlander is The Frederick Gunn School's student newspaper. Established in 1935, it is a forum for students to share campus news, discuss current events, and share opinions with the school community. Selected articles from The Highlander are published on our website. All students may contribute to The Highlander, but the bulk of the paper is produced by a student editorial staff in a yearlong class for credit.

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The Red & Gray

The Red & Gray is our school yearbook. Inaugurated in 1912, it has always been a student-produced publication and is currently also a yearlong class for credit.